links for 2010-11-06

  • A great parable, one that I need to do better with on the business side but I try very hard to follow on the customer side.
  • Excellent post on why devices like the iPad, and the direction of Mac OS towards iOS, are good. I tend to agree – people want devices that work, and not have to worry about filesystems and viruses and all that crap.
  • "But what I will do, is use my knowledge of gopher fans for the greater good. I won't be making the trek across the St. Croix to see this weekend's games, but for those of you who are, I've prepared the following primer to prepare you for the experience of being surrounded by corporate season ticket holders gopher fans (the ones that bother showing up, at least)…"
  • For years these companies have been exploiting holes left unfilled in Microsoft's ecosystem, by creating products that perform terribly, are horrible to manage, and are really expensive. Microsoft is filling the gap, and now they're complaining. This is a good move for consumers, and I'm glad to see Microsoft doing it. Security Essentials is a great product, in my opinion.