links for 2010-08-25

  • I like Marc Farley's list of what 3PAR does well. I've known Marc for a few years now, and I hope Dell ends up with 3PAR, partly because that'll make it easy for me to buy their gear, partly because that'll be the third time Marc's employer gets bought out by them. 🙂 Hehehe.
  • I officially propose we take away Microsoft's Borg status and give it to Google. They're evil, plain and simple.
  • "Sometimes data is wrong out of ignorance. Other times it's wrong because people make stuff up. I can understand the former, but why you would ever do the latter is beyond me." Money — NSF and other grants represent millions of dollars, and this guy just couldn't tolerate being wrong because it means someone might question him. Academics are no different than anybody else in seeking fame and fortune and power, they are just very rarely accountable to anybody. It's good that someone called this guy on it, because I'm sure Harvard was just going to try to bury it to preserve their own image.
  • The Sun appears to be influencing the radioactive decay of particles. Interesting, though I suspect it'll somehow be further proof that the Earth is 4000 years old and Creationists are correct.
  • This is easily the stupidest thing I've seen all week. Mandating biodiesel in something that shouldn't ever run is a great way to save the world, right? Idiot politicians. Shouldn't we be mandating biodiesel in things like cars, trucks, or trains?