links for 2010-05-28

  • New blog I'm reading. Good stuff. "He reviewed the film on line, and advised me that if they wanted to wait, he could do it much later in the evening, or I could just do it. I'm generally game, and asked if he had any tips. 'Sure,' says he, 'you need to put her under — deeply — and basically recreate the injury. Don't be wimpy about it: you have to go medieval on her. There'll be a nasty crunch as you complete the ulnar fracture; don't worry about that. Make sure you have the parents sitting down or out of the room. But if you can bend the fracture site all the way back past ninety degrees, you can push it back onto the shaft and it should stay in place.'"

    Hrm. Go medieval on her. That doesn't sound real pleasant, does it?"

  • "And if you want to write, you just write and publish yourself. No need to ask permission, just open a Web site. And if you want to write a book, you just write it, send it to or BookSurge at Amazon or PubIt or ExLibris and you’ve got yourself an e-book. No problem. And that is the future of publishing: 18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives. Average annual earnings: $1.75." (hat tip to Michael Sippey for the link)