links for 2010-04-21

  • The idea of time-bankruptcy is something I'm familiar with. I just declared myself time-bankrupt recently. It's been awesome. The down side is feeling like you are quitting or abandoning your commitments, but if you didn't have enough time for your commitments in the first place it's probably good that you are getting out of them. You free up time, and the task or group you committed to can find someone else who CAN spend the time.
  • "Kids who grow up near books do better in school than kids who don’t, on average." I know as a kid I didn't have DVD players, TVs, etc. around me at all times. I had books to read. I'd like that trend to continue with my kids, to give them a foundation of good reading, writing, and spelling on which to build everything else in their life.
  • Um, yeah. Slowly creeping towards "Atlas Shrugged" every day — I'm looking forward to giving up and living off the public teat from the Bahamas. If this crap passes I'm becoming a citizen somewhere where this is in effect. Seriously.