links for 2010-03-24

  • I know this is old news, but this statement summarizes what I like the most about the new bike directions feature: "Our biking directions are based on a physical model of the amount of power your body has to exert given the slope of the road you’re biking on. Assuming typical values for mass and for wind resistance, we compute the effort you’ll require and the speed you’ll achieve while going uphill. We take this speed into account when determining the time estimate for your journey, and we also try hard to avoid routes that will require an unreasonable degree of exertion." Indeed, Google Maps shows 17 minutes from home to work on bicycle, and 20 minutes back, which is about right. Now they just need a slider for how out of shape you are… 🙂
  • "Newly revealed e-mails from YouTube’s founders not only confirm this, but also point out one of my favorite advantages startups have over established companies: a reckless disregard for just about everything that gets in their way."
  • "If we should make UI elements we want users to click on large, and ideally place them at corners or edges for maximum clickability — what should we do with UI elements we don't want users to click on? Like, say, the "delete all my work" button?"
  • I've been an Eric Whitacre fan for some time, ever since hearing "Water Night" performed. It's cool to see this work of his, and that everybody is excited about it. Lots of editing, that's for sure.
  • "If you’re going to preach about the righteous path, it would help if you’ve been on it for more than 24 hours." Amen.