links for 2010-01-19

  • This reminds me of the break-in at the CIHost colo facility in Chicago, where they had fancy security systems but the attackers just cut through the drywall from the hallway and stole a ton of stuff.
  • "The introduction of solid state hard drives in 2009 was widely welcomed by the OEM community, but adoption of SSDs did not take off due to price and the immaturity of the technology." Yeah, Dell, a 50 GB SSD ordered with a server is $1200, it isn't surprising people aren't buying them. For that price I can buy a bunch of Intel SSDs & spares, and retrofit the machine afterwards.
  • "You can't argue with success." I think this mousetrap suggestion says a lot about our society, where it doesn't solve the problem, it just moves it to someone else's house a mile away to spread disease there. Maybe the government will take care of it for you, you spineless clowns! Seriously, just kill them with an old-fashioned trap and some peanut butter, and be done with it. Even if you buy a new trap for each mouse you'll spend less than the gas to move the mouse.
  • "Reality: The Microsoft solution does not allow for over subscription of critical resources, but you shouldn’t do it anyway." Microsoft might as well be Apple with the "you don't need it so we don't let you do it" attitude. Sorry guys, only I get to say what I need or not. I think it's nice that I get a choice with VMware products. I don't think that oversubscription is the greatest idea, but sometimes it's the way to go.
  • I like that top-level people are thinking this, but it needs to get passed along to the EMC sales guys. The amount of facts-optional FUD they spew during sales pitches or in response to RFPs is amazing. For me, sales guys saying anything negative about another vendor is basically a sale for the other vendor, especially when EMC is doing the selling. It is actually possible to compare yourself to another vendor without being negative about it, if you're asked by the customer for a comparison (emphasis on "if you're asked by the customer").