links for 2009-11-06

  • I wish there was a dislike button. Then I could take all those passive-aggressive statuses people have and give them the thumbs down.
  • "It looks like the Linux kernel maintainers are frowning on the FatELF patches," he writes, "Some got the idea and disagreed, some didn't seem to hear what I was saying, and some showed up just to be rude." The Linux community needs to grow up. FatELF would have made distributing commercial binaries a lot easier, and the user experience of running them a lot better. The problem is that the Linux community doesn't care about their users, or what their users are trying to get done. If they did we might have a decent Linux desktop by now, with actual apps. They wonder why people choose Windows. It's because the people behind Windows actually want to help you, the user, do something with their OS. And as such when I download a Windows app there's a really good chance it'll run on any version of Windows I have. Yes, making that work is hard. But it's necessary if you want anybody to use your OS. And now, the guy that was VOLUNTEERING to do all that hard work has given up. Thanks guys.