links for 2009-06-16

  • Cool, might have to check this out.
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  • "Are you lost in a sea of Edward Cullen's and can't decide which one to download? Are you thinking, "Geez, I wonder if anyone has made an Edward Cullen yet."? Have you been dreaming of making an entire town just of Edward Cullens? Or are you just feeling like if you see yet another Edward Cullen you will implode!? Below are the 140+ Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson sims made since launch. Click on the picture you like and it will link you to its download page. My favs are by knox and fieryfemale. How about yours?" OMFG.
  • Apple and AT&T are turning out to be a bunch of bastards. This, coupled with no MMS, coupled with terrible iPhone 3Gs upgrade options, coupled with App Store anti-developer practices make me wonder about the future of the iPhone.