links for 2009-01-13

  • OMFG yes, put people's names on BOTH FREAKING SIDES OF THE CONFERENCE BADGE. I hate it when people have turned-around name tags. I usually put a second name tag on the back of mine, but then again I'm an attention whore like that.
  • "Opti-2 is a specialized two-cycle, single mix ratio lubricant engineered for use in all two-cycle engines, regardless of brand, model, or mix ratio." Mixed per gallon, and includes fuel stabilizer. Going to get some of this tonight for my stuff.
  • A) This guy wasted a lot of people's time looking for him. B) He apparently didn't know that air traffic control would dispatch military jets to go check on him after he reported a life-or-death situation in his plane, and that they'd see what the deal was. C) It's called the ocean, you idiot — have your autopilot take you out over the Gulf, but parachute out over land. I'm sure there's a flaw in that, too, but to me it seems like a better idea than crashing on land, at least as far as people believing you are dead.