links for 2008-12-07

  • Great, one more thing to worry about (though organizations should be doing these sorts of things anyhow).
  • "When you’re programming, the relentless pursuit of simplicity nearly always serves you well." Good advice for anybody in technology.
  • "…the advice that’s easy to take is so rarely the advice that could really make a difference." Amen. This is why I usually ask people what they're trying to do when they ask me a question about something.
  • A friend of mine had expressed his discontent with Python 3.0 to me on Friday. I see it a little differently, though. These languages and software written in them will live for hundreds of years. Might as well get to cleaning things up now. I do think the Perl 6 "gonna break everything" epoch will be tougher on people, though, just because of the size of the installed base.
  • I might have to start reading this site — short blurbs about sides of beef appearing in places and the police being baffled (my take: who cares, fight crime and not the unknown), Natalie Portman & "Doubt" (which my theater company did earlier this year), and a parrot having sex with a hat after eating diet pills.
  • Hey, support of obsolete OSes isn't free, and it's increasingly expensive. I've been using Vista since its release and it and I have a stable relationship now, especially after SP1 was released and I ditched my ATI video card in favor of an NVidia.