How To Identify VMworld Attendees

Wondering if that other person in the elevator with you is a VMworld attendee? There are lots of clues:

1. Have they forgotten to take their conference badge off? A dead giveaway, for sure.

2. Are they carrying their blue & black VMworld bag? Also a dead giveaway.

3. Are they holding a folded piece of paper, twirling it around as if they are trying to find ‘north’ on a map? While IT folks like myself are usually used to not being able to see the sun the lack of right angles in the Venetian interior sometimes confuses us.

4. Are they wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts? IT folks live in climate controlled environments and this 100 degree weather, while cool by Nevada standards, is not cool by ours. If it ain’t 67 degrees and 50% humidity we melt or dry up.

5. Do they have three electronic devices on their belt? Are they talking on one, emailing on another, and cursing wireless connectivity in some way?

If the other person meets any of these criteria it’s likely that they, too, are a VMworld attendee. You should definitely introduce yourself.

In other news I’m having fun so far. Not a ton for me to do right now but as the day goes on I will be finding more and more people. It also looks like there’s a VMware Communities Meetup tonight at the V-Bar. I’ll probably go after finding Marc Farley from StorageRap. Stay tuned!