links for 2008-04-26

  • McCain’s statements here indicate to me that he is 100% willing to keep the U.S. in wars abroad. Hopefully Obama can, in turn, link McCain to the $4/gallon oil situation.
  • Interesting take on the PA Semiconductor purchase by Apple. My question: since Apple has demonstrated that its developers will go wherever they go what difference does this make? My second question: why would Intel be scared, with Apple’s market share?
  • “But why should we tolerate the news organizations giving free air time to the campaigns? Aren’t they making an illegal campaign contribution when they run a Republican attack ad without giving equal time to Democratic attack ads?”
  • SVCs are boring, the UI is terrible and leads to errors, and, overall, IBM products are designed to extract maximum amounts of cash from the people that buy them. Call me when an SVC can compete with a NetApp, both in feature set and in ROI.
  • “Ever since the Dawn of Time (Jan 1, 1970), people have been bitching about the lack of focus-follows-mouse on Mac computers.” …and since then, people who have wanted to get things done on their computers haven’t said a word. Focus-follows-mouse sucks.