United Airlines Charging For Bag 2

This just in: United Airlines is charging for the second checked bag.

You know why that sucks? It guarantees a rise in the amount of crap people carry on. Which in turn guarantees a rise in boarding times. Which also guarantees that I will continue to be shut out of my allotted foot of space overhead by jerkfaces with their three foot long wheeled monstrosities. Then I have to keep my backpack under my feet for the whole flight. I’m more than six feet tall and I don’t like that. Why do they get to use three feet of space and I can’t even get the 10 inches my backpack needs?

You know what I’d rather see them do? Figure out a better way to gate check all those damn wheeled bags. Or, improve the baggage process and make people check their luggage, period. That would also help security checkpoint delays, too.

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