A Brief Conversation With My Neighbor

“Hey there,” I say, as I’m walking over. We were both outside shoveling.

“Hi.” He looks away, avoiding eye contact at all times.

“Are you the guy that’s been snowblowing my sidewalk?”

“Um… uhhh… no, that’s the people one door over.” He points, since I obviously can’t figure out where the next house is. Insert that noise Carlos Mencia makes, duh-duh-duuuh.

“Louis and Karen, yeah. They said it was you.”

“You know them? When did you talk to them?” What? I’ve lived here for four years, I met a couple of people.

“Sometime in the past.” I should have said “tomorrow” and stood back so pieces of brain wouldn’t hit me when his head exploded.

“Nope, it’s them. Why?”

“I was just going to say thanks, I really appreciate the help, especially when I’ve been out of town.” I was actually going to give whoever it is a crisp $20 for gas, too.

“Oh! You’re welcome!”