Serial Consoles, Awesome Readers

Thanks to Scott and Greg for pointing out revisions I could make to my last how-to post on serial consoles. When I write a post like that it is usually as much for myself as for others[0]. I do some of these things so infrequently that I consult notes from projects 10 years ago, and I want to consolidate my notes into a procedure.

Problem is, my notes usually don’t have why I used mgetty over agetty[1], reflect a way of thinking that is obsolete now, or just show ignorance for an easier way to do something (like using screen to connect to a serial port).

So thanks, guys, for speaking up and pointing out better ways to do stuff.

[0] It’s both amusing and frustrating to search for a how-to and find my own blog. 🙂

[1] I’m pretty sure it’s because I needed the ability to receive FAXes.