Update Manager, VMotion, and Me

This morning I posted about some problems I was having with VMotion after starting to use Update Manager to scan and remediate my ESX 3.5 hosts. I owe people an update after publishing a potentially alarmist article like that. 🙂

I’d just like to report that after removing and readding the VMotion virtual switch everything, including scanning and remediation, works fine. I haven’t seen the problem since. In fact, Update Manager is pretty cool, fire & forget patching. I am still hopeful that VMware can diagnose the problem, but at least there appears to be a workaround if you have the same problem as me. It may not even turn out to be an Update Manager thing, maybe something else was wrong and this just pushed it over the edge.

At any rate it’s pretty obvious that your mileage may vary, so definitely test it before you go messing with production. It’s days like today that I am very glad I built a dedicated test environment. 🙂