Ahhh, Vacation

I hope everybody had a wonderful week last week, holidays or not. I was off doing my yearly tramping around in the Wisconsin woods looking for deer[0]. And eating. It seems like I spent Wednesday through Sunday eating. Ugh.

The nice thing about sitting in the woods waiting for animals to show up is a lot of time to think. Once I’m through with the 1000 messages in my INBOX and voice mail[1] I have a whole bunch of new stuff to write about. It is sort of strange to think about computers when you’re in the middle of a national forest, but nature has long been a muse for artists, philosophers, and soldiers. Why can’t it do the same for an IT guy? 🙂

[0] Don’t worry, they’re safe with me around.

[1] A lot of it is automated mail, but despite that if you emailed me or called me I’ll get back to you in the next three days.