How To Get The Open Apple Back On The Mac Keyboard

The new Macintosh keyboards are missing the Open Apple. There are various movements to save the Open Apple, including a petition to have Apple put it back. Given Apple’s history of taking design advice from the masses I suggest taking matters into your own hands:

  1. Order a new keyboard from Apple.
  2. Order a pack of Sharpie Metallic Markers.
  3. Order an X-Acto knife.
  4. Print out an image of the Open Apple. You’re resourceful, you can find one yourself. Do this on card stock.
  5. Use the X-Acto knife and cut the image out to form a stencil.
  6. Put the stencil on your new keyboard, and using your new, cool Sharpies trace around the edge. Keep it uniform so it looks good.
  7. If you miss the Closed Apple, too, you can use this same stencil on another key. Fill it all in, you rebel.

There. Can we move on now?