Credits For Sysadmins In Shrek 3

Dear Dreamworks,

I saw Shrek 3 tonight. It was funny as always. Good work! I’m the sort that watches an animated movie not only for the plot but for the way you rendered the water, sky, grass, hair, and shadows, and I was really impressed. I really liked the thought that was put into the light color, direction, and intensity for the different times of day. I also liked the the way light was cast on the “actors” and “set,” and some of the theatrical moments (like the panning to the light coming in the window when Shrek was in irons). I do theatrical lighting design as a hobby and those sorts of details really help tell the story and make it fun to watch, regardless of whether the touch is real or rendered.

More than anything else I want to thank you for putting your system engineers, administrators, and architects in the credits. So often organizations forget those guys, only remembering them when something is wrong. It is nice to see that they get to share in the credit when something goes right. Even though most people left by the time those credits came along I hope others see it and it makes as much of an impression on them, too. Thank you!