Mozilla Minefield

Being a fellow that leaves his browsers open with about 50+ tabs I’ve decided that I’m tired of some of the problems with Firefox 2.0, most notably the memory leaks. I refuse to go back to IE, so I’ve been trying the nightly Firefox builds, dubbed “Minefield.”

Sure, some things don’t work quite right sometimes (I am without a Flash plugin, oh no![0]), but then again some of the things I hate about 2.0 have gone away. The coolest thing about Minefield is that the auto-updater works for new nightly builds, too. Every couple of days I get a window asking me to install the latest Minefield 3.0a5pre. Sweet!

Check it out for yourself if you’re feeling adventurous.[1]

[0] I really haven’t tried fixing the Flash plugin, mainly because it’s just all ads. It probably works fine.

[1] Adventurous like a guided tour of a jungle, after which you return to your hotel and sip cocktails by the pool.