Taking The Day Off

I took today off to catch up on my personal life, pay bills, and do some yard work. Boy, has it been nice.

I bought a new lawn mower. I got my old one from a friend three years ago who wanted it out of his back yard, but it’s needed repair just about every time I’ve used it for the last year. This time one of the drive wheels’ height adjustment levers broke, and it was going to be a pain to fix. I’ve always been a Briggs & Stratton fan but this new mower has a Tecumseh engine. We’ll see how it goes.

There’s a fungus (among us) growing in my front yard that nobody can identify (well, at least the people I’ve asked). Since I was at Home Despot anyhow I picked up some anti-fungus spray and shot that all over my front yard. I hate fertilizer and herbicides but you know, I also hate having a crappy looking lawn. Tomorrow I’ll probably wake up and find my front lawn has died…

Lastly, I have no idea how I’ve survived this long without a reciprocating saw. Holy crap, the odd lumber and pallets in my back yard that I’ve been wanting to cut up into fire-pit-sized chunks were like butter to that hot knife.

Now it’s time for a beer and dinner sitting around a fire in my back yard. Add my laptop and it’s definitely this geek’s heaven.