Taxes, Ugh

Admittedly I did wait until the last day (but I always do! Except last year when I had a big refund coming because of my house…), and it isn’t so bad because with a return coming it isn’t a penalty situation, but I expected more out of Turbotax. Their whole back end appears to be non-functional now. “Thanks for paying us but we can’t file your stuff. Sorry! Try again at 4 AM! Hope you don’t get totally screwed! BTW our EULA says we rule and you drool regardless of what happens!”

And yes, I understand scaling issues, but I also understand planning. And I expected better planning. Lord knows at $20 to $100 per return they can afford it.

In fact, I expect more out of the U.S. Government, too. I want to know why they discriminate against people making more than $52,000 by offering free filing to those under that mark. I hope someone making $1.5 billion dollars files a lawsuit or something. Ridiculous. Why is there even an industry around tax preparation? Why isn’t Turbotax just the IRS, or vice versa?

Okay, I’m done griping. 🙂 At least this year all but one of my necessary forms was stored online for me. I have no idea where my paper W2 is. That’s a net win (not losing the form but having it online). 🙂