Joining the 21st Century

Update: I retract what I said, I have some weird number, and now can’t make or receive calls. Grrr.

Ah, I just got my new phone from Cingular. It’s been 4 years since I’ve had a new phone, which is way too long. Mad props to LG, though, as the VX6000 I’ve had has been mostly rock-solid that whole time. Original battery, too (I regularly let the battery discharge completely, through forgetfulness).

I didn’t want a RAZR, because everybody has RAZRs, but I also didn’t want a $80 data plan. You know, I just need a good phone. So I ended up with the RAZR 3xx, which has HSPDA/3G capabilities, and was $40. Maybe I’ll try the data services on it sometime, but not right away.

I’ve also been really surprised with how easy it has been to transfer the number from my old provider. A refreshing change from most experiences I’ve had with telcos.

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