Flying Pants

I always wondered when I’d get to see something strange happen during a show. Turns out that last night, during the “Black Boys/White Boys” part of the production of “Hair” we’re doing, an actor threw his pants into the lights, over one of the pipes that the lights attach to.

They didn’t come back down.

The audience went nuts, as did the cast. The assistant stage manager ran in back, grabbed a pole with a paint roller on it and tried hooking them. No go, but the audience was laughing harder, and the cast was improvising some stuff around it.

The actor eventually hustled backstage and put his own jeans on. The nice thing, though, is that the stage and lights and balcony and audience are mentioned and addressed in the show, so it isn’t like it ruins the “magic.” Just more magic, only funnier, because he really needed his pants for the next scene.