Ah, my blog. I’ve kinda been out of it the last month or so, and for that I apologize. Lots of stuff going on in my life, including meeting a wonderful girl and doing lots of stuff with her, lots of work-related things (new big projects, which is great), and also doing some theater work. I am soooo behind in reading blogs, too. You can tell when I am because the blog stops getting del.icio.us auto-posts.

I’ll be running the lights for the Strollers production of Hair at the Bartell Theatre in Madison, WI. If you’re in town, not buried under 20+ inches of snow, and want to see a good show (including a bunch of nudity) come see it. Strollers is a great theater group, with a lot of very talented, professional volunteers working as designers, electricians, directors, producers, etc. It’s a great hobby, mainly because it’s a great group of people. And it shows(no pun intended).

Running the light board means a bunch of time spent sitting waiting for the show to start. Which also means that I’ll have time to write. Yay wireless!