Set Yourself Up For Success

“Hey, a package came for you.”

“Sweet!” I reply.

“Open it because I need one of those cards.”

“These aren’t the fibre channel cards we ordered. It’s my egg cooker from Amazon.”

“You bought an egg cooker?” He is looking at me like I am an alien.

“Yeah. It boils eggs. I love hard boiled eggs but I always screw them up and I’m tired of it. Plus I had a gift certificate I had to use. And it was cheap.”

“Dude, boiling eggs is super easy. Boil water. Insert eggs. Start timer. Maybe just learn to not be an idiot?”

“Do you know how many eggs I’ve wasted? Plus all the power to heat all that water? I’m results-oriented, and I really don’t care how I get good eggs, just that they are cooked properly. A manager-type might say I’m setting myself up for success.”



“Shut the hell up. And figure out where our fibre channel cards are.”