Vista, Twitter, Sysadmin Jobs

Some quickies that don’t necessarily need their own posts. Most of these are micro-rants. Boy, I’m getting negative these days. I should write about something that makes me happy. Well, the post about Etsy is sorta positive. Sorta.

1. “The 5 Sins of Vista” – amen, brother. I agree with Mr. Kaplan over at that these sins have been around a long time. Making things look better is not the same as fixing the problems. I’m especially annoyed with the network control panels.

2. “Twitter” – “A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?” – Who gives a damn what I’m doing? I’m hard-boiling eggs. I’m talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I’m taking a crap. I’m writing a book about how the web means I don’t have any privacy anymore even though I’ve voluntarily given it away by posting everything I do, and I’m also broke because I need a $100/month data plan for my $500 PDA phone so I can blog from the crapper. WTF.

3. It is nice to see Web 2.0-esqe job postings wanting a system administrator. Web 2.0 companies don’t seem to realize what a professional sysadmin can do for them, especially as they scale up. Plus, Etsy is cool. I’ve been bugging my mother to try it out by selling some of her stuff that way.