Now What?

This year I am celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with some ritual appliance repair.

I just pulled the Shards of Narsil from the pump intake on my dishwasher. Or at least it seemed that way. Two big hunks of glass that I don’t recognize from anything, and some chunks of plastic. They may have been in there since I’ve owned the place.

Mad props to the Samurai Appliance Repair Man over at Without the forum posts and the photos there I would have had to call someone. A repair call for my KitchenAid dish washer would have been what, $100 for the trip fee, another $100 for an hour of repair? It wouldn’t have taken four hours, but part of that was the realization that I didn’t have the right size of torx driver. Plus they insist that you can do the repair without removing the dishwasher, but since it was my first time it was easier to see what I was doing if I took the whole thing out.

Now to replace the vent hose on my dryer…

And then to go shovel all the snow we got…

Geez. What next?