I Hope My Brain Grows Back

For the last three weeks I’ve been at home and at work for three days. I’m not complaining, as San Francisco, New Orleans, and the Twin Cities were great. It’s sure nice to be home, though, to sleep in my own bed.

One thing I have noticed, though, is I feel dumber. I try to think about things, like spam filtering today, and I find myself drawing blanks, starting over. I hope I didn’t kill too many brain cells while I was off. 🙂 I’ll tell you, though, I am relaxed. It’s nice. Start the timer until it goes away. 🙂

On tap for this week: a nice rousing bout of VMware patching, porting our build process to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 in preparation for its release, and making our enterprise MRTG instance run better. The latter will definitely be worth a post here once I’m done. We query 400,000 targets every 5 minutes, and the process is eating our single machine alive. Albeit an 8 CPU machine with a huge disk array attached, but it’s still choking, and I’ve got some ideas why.

Maybe those ideas are a sign that I’m still capable of meaningful thought…