Hey, sorry I’ve been quiet these last couple of weeks. I’ve been building up to a vacation, which I am on right now. I’m actually about to leave for San Diego, heading to Coachella this weekend. I so needed a vacation, especially after preparing for vacation. You ever notice that if you’re stressed out it just gets 500% worse right before you leave? Who’s your backup at work? What do they need to know? Finish that script. Charge your iPod. Find your camera. Do laundry. Pack. *sigh*

I did finally do something about comment spam, having just discovered 221 comments in moderation. The “Did You Pass Math?” plugin is the winner. Can you add 2 and 3? 7 and 5? If you can’t, can you use a calculator? Or are you a freakin’ spammer?

Okay, I have to go pack my Jeep. L8r.