Brandi Carlile

Country and folk music is something I’ve developed an increasing taste for over the past few years. There’s just something about acoustic guitars that I fall for, that I can sit and listen to them forever. It’s really not a surprise, then, that I like Brandi Carlile’s music.

What was a surprise was the range of people that showed up to see her and the twins play last night in Madison. Older folks, lots of younger people. It was encouraging. She played a bunch of stuff from her album, but also a number of songs that weren’t on the album. Excellent stuff. I always sit as close as I can to the sound board, as the sound will be good there and watching the guys provides me with entertainment when the artist isn’t cutting it. First thing I noticed was the backstage passes the crew had. It was the album photo of Brandi and the only text was a big “ALL ACCESS.” Heh, they wish.

There were some sound issues, namely the kick drum was way too intense. I’m willing to give sound guys a break as they go from place to place, but dude, turn the drum down. I’m in the back and my beer is vibrating off the table. Overall, though, I wish I had bootleg gear because it was a really good show, with a decent turnout despite the -5 degree weather. One can only wonder what the turnout would be if she was down at the Union during the summer. What an amazing voice and band.