My brain is fried, and I have a total lack of focus today. So I spent the day messing around with IPv6. Our network guys have it enabled, so with the addition of a IPv6 stack to my Windows box all three of my work machines (Mac OS X, Windows 2003, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) can talk IPv6 to each other.

Of course, that also meant I needed AAAA records.

And to tell the services on my machines to listen on an IPv6 socket.

And to figure out how to replicate things like “nslookup” for IPv6. That’s easy, though, once you learn that everything assumes an A record. Thank god for shell aliases.

My problem now is Samba on RHEL AS 4 doesn’t support IPv6. Grrrr. And I don’t think there is a single web analyzer that understands IPv6 IPs, at least for DNS IP to name resolution. Oh well, I think I have a project now. 🙂