OpenOffice, Round One

I’m at T+3 days now with OpenOffice. Apparently 2.0.1 “has issues” including the lack of help files for Calc. Once I found the forum post on how to fix that we’re in business. You know, I’m not a big-time software developer but if I made a release that had some stupid errors that were easily correctable I’d fix ’em and quickly release a version 2.0.2 or something. That’s just me, though. You’ll only annoy a few thousand potential users between the December release and March, when the fix is scheduled.

The lack of active tooltips is annoying. I liked when MS Office would pop up a little function reference as I was trying to use the function. I have enough crap stuffed in my brain than to remember that the FIND() function takes the search string first, and the string you’re searching second. I can barely remember where I parked my car today.

Function parameters are delimited with semicolons. Like, WTF. When I think functions I think commas, folks.

Wishlist: I wish autofill in Excel or Calc recognized IP addresses.