Icons and Ms. Woolf

Matt Brett, http://feedicons.com is a great idea. It ain’t a standard until everybody is using it, and if it’s easy to use and easy to get the graphics people will just do it. Even though you didn’t create the icon, nobody at the Mozilla Foundation was making it easy (or hard, for that matter) to get a copy.

In unrelated news Google Book Search sucks (I know it’s a “beta,” and I did submit feedback). They’ve got some sort of error and I cannot search Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West” part 2. I need to find the reference that Edward Albee makes in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and while I can search Part 1, um, the “encumbered with crippling alliances” phrase isn’t there. At least it got me 50%, so I only have to speed-read 400 pages of part 2 now that I know it isn’t in part 1.