What Blogs Do I Read?

Phil over at Haacked started this — what are ten blogs you enjoyed reading recently? A timely question, since a friend of mine was just astonished that I read blogs and asked for some recommendations (I haven’t told him I post on one yet — I’m waiting for him to find it sometime on his own). For me it’s been:

Vinography – Alder over at Vinography has some excellent, down-to-earth commentary on wine, with some reviews, some advice. I drink the occassional bottle of wine and love cigars, so his commentary is well received by me. Which also makes me wonder why I haven’t found any cigar blogs yet (haven’t been looking, really).

Fermentations – Tom Wark is a wine PR guy and has some really good commentary on the wine industry. He doesn’t really do reviews, but does talk a lot about bigger-picture sorts of things.

Clublife – Rob over at Clublife is pretty funny. His blog has become really popular, and seemingly burnt out a bit, but the tidbits are still pretty good. You’ll laugh as you go through the archive. At least I did, but as a sysadmin I often harbor similar feelings about my customers as he does of his. I can’t choke my customers out, though.

Opinionistas – The Opinionista is a law student interning at a law firm in NYC. I found her blog via Clublife, and it’s an interesting read if only for the tales of smarmy law firm partners.

Cool Tools – Kevin Kelly’s blog about cool tools is more “tools” in the general sense, rather than hardware. He’s got interesting books, hardware, toys, etc. It’s kinda all over the place, but then again that’s probably why I like it.

Schneier on Security – Bruce Schneier is one of the most outspoken security people around, and his blog is full of interesting tidbits of security-related matter. He’s keen on pointing out the stupidity in the TSA, but that’s what they get when they let a security expert fly.

DrunkenBlog – DrunkenBatman is heavy into the Macintosh programming, and has a cow as his mascot which he encourages readers to photograph in all sorts of places. He’s got more of a community than a blog right now, which I think is cool. I aspire to be that popular.

Gibson Blog – William Gibson’s blog isn’t posted to very regularly (sort of like mine) but it’s usually something a little odd and interesting when it does get attention. I love his books, so maybe that’s why his blog has appeal.

To Philly, From Alaska, w/love – This guy got annoyed with Philadelphia and moved to Tuntutuliak, Alaska to teach. He doesn’t post often but it’s a treat when my aggregator has a story from his blog. He includes a lot of photos, and it’s fun to hear how different things are in more remote parts of the world.

alexking.org: Blog – I first discovered Alex’s blog when I was looking for some software to manage a to-do list for my team (his Tasks Pro software is quite useful in that regard). Since then I’ve been reading his blog. Actually, it’s only because of his WordPress themes contest involvement that I have any theme at all (which I’m still working on). Don’t read his blog on September 19th unless you like pirates.

Update: I almost totally forgot the DirectNIC/Interdictor blog that they’ve been keeping in New Orleans all this time. That’s a twice-a-day read for me, but for some reason I’ve never put it in the aggregator.

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